The workshops

Type of the activity Description of the activities and workshops
1. Icebreakers and games   2. “Books” 1. The volunteers from “Team for Youth” Baia Mare prepared some games and activities for the students. The name games and ball games were aimed to make students know each other as they were on the first day of activities. 2. The volunteers from “Team for Youth” Baia Mare presented some activities-exercises of creativity. During the first exercise, the students had to make a plane with closed eyes, listening to instructions. The idea behind this exercise was to make them understand that even if we are different, we have the same purpose. In the second activity, they were divided into groups, using “ animal noise” method. Each group had to make a book cover, give a name to the story and present a short summary about the topics: mysteries of the planets, underwater world, prehistoric animals, fantasy world and rural life. The final activity was “Two truths one lie” –the students had to write two real and one false sentences about themselves and they mix and guess about the others.
1.”Life seen through the children’s eyes” –work on books     2. „Understanding and helping children who have difficulties in interacting with others,  are bullied or  ignored“     1. Mrs. Bartha Iuliana-Ecaterina  and Mrs. Bolos Milica worked with the students on children’s books. Each country had to read a book. The students presented a short sumary of the book. They had to identify some main characteristics of the heroes and antagonists in the books. They worked on some worksheets, discussed and presented their opinion. 2.The “Team for Youth” volunteers had  anti-bullying activities. Starting from a discussion about solidarity, bullying, empathy, society and equality, the students had to fulfill some tasks on “Mission Impossible” activity.
1.Presentation:”Comics” 2.“See my story” , based on the read books 3. “ How to raise your self-esteem and enrich your life by helping the ones in need”   1. Mrs. Iuliana-Ecaterina Bartha made a short presentation about comics. 2. Mr. Pop Lucian presented the students with some techniques of drawing and coloring. The students had to make a page of comics illustrating the most important part of the book they have read. They had also made a poster with the character’s message to nowadays children. They presented their work to others. 3. Volunteers from the “Sacro Cuore” foundation presented the students their story of success and how working with children from different backgrounds changed them.

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