The mentors who were working with students

Mentors. Teachers who performed the workshops, lectures:

1.Bartha Iuliana-Ecaterina: Teacher of English in the hosting school, coordinator of the project in school. A graduate of the University of North Baia Mare, Faculty of Letters and Science, Romanian Language and Literature –English Language and Literature department. She has a teaching experience of 22 years in the state educational field of English language teaching. She is the coordinator in the school of the two Erasmus + projects ( 2014/2017, 2018?2020) implemented at School “Lucian Blaga” Farcasa. She is responsible for implementing meeting agendas during mobilities at school. She has taken part in other national or international projects and school contests where her students have been awarded. She mostly works with students during projects. She has worked in local projects of integrating Roma children in school. She volunteers in different activities.

2. Milica Nicoleta Boloş: Teacher of Romanian language and literature since 2000, with a teaching career at gymnasium and high school level. She has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and graduated from the Post-university Academic School of informatics and programming. She has taken part in different local and regional programs with external funding ( Roma Education Found), different school contests and a member of Erasmus+ projects since 2014. She is a mentor in the Romanian language since 2013, helping young teachers. She is a trainer in projects for adult professional development. She has taken part in different conferences about Romanian literature.

3. Pop Ştefan Lucian: Teacher of Art since 2006. Graduate of The University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, licensed in Fashion design and print, master’s degree in Creative Explorations in Fashion Design. Since 2004 he owns his own fashion line which has his name. He has collaborated with brand designers from Romania and Europe. He has many appearances in renowned fashion magazines, online and TV. He is part of fashion shows in Romania and abroad. Since 2006 he is a teacher of Art and visual arts, he has taken part in many activities, projects, contests with the students.

4. Remus Pop, president “Team For Youth” Association: is also a former EVS volunteer in Poland. He did his EVS in 2013 for 8 months, opting to extend it to youth work for a whole year. He is working with us for about 5 years: having been a first volunteer, teacher, mentor, coordinator and now a full-time employee.He is now working in old school EVS sending, organizing pre-departure training, selecting the volunteers for future projects, managing their preparation and communication with partners and monitoring the services of each one of them. He is also helping in the hosting of the volunteers (most notably the short term), and managing the extra European projects, such as mobilities for adults, youth exchanges or traineeships, job shadowing, etc. He is coordinating the office and maintaining communication with the international partners. He is a big fan of animals and the sea and has a general energetic and positive attitude.

5. Mădălina Tămaș, vice-president: is a former local volunteer and now part of the team as a project coordinator. She is coordinating most of the international volunteer activities and also dealing with local partners and institutions. She was with us for 7 years, being involved in implementing the activities that require a great amount of creativity and initiative. She has studied Education Sciences, so, she is very much passionate about creating different learning contexts. Her responsibilities are contacts with local partners and local institutions that provide a working space for the volunteers and organizing public presentations that the volunteers are involved in. She is coordination the group of local T4UTH volunteers, maintaining the contracts and activity-related communication, holding seminars and local training for them, and assigning a task to each local volunteer. She is managing the paperwork at the office. She likes bikes and books and she is a big fan of cultural events. She is straight forward, open-minded and always there to help.
6. Nicoleta Năprădean, coordinator: is coordinating the international volunteer’s activities and takes care of the technical stuff at the office. She is the most recent addition to the office and we are very happy about that, having worked with her in the past, for mentoring and organizing training in the field of animation and working with children. Nico, as we like to call her, is helping with the weekly schedule of the volunteers, goes with them to their activities, and keeps the contact with some of our partners. Her responsibilities include sharing the project money to the volunteers and holding the database of expenses for the international projects. She is very responsible and organized. If you want someone to be on time and respect the deadlines, she is the person to work with.

7. Lopată Georgiana: She is a student in the last year at college “Mihai Eminescu” and a member of the “Sacro Cuore” Foundation since 2016. She is a volunteer in many activities concerning the children from low- income families. She helps them with homework and integration in school life. She participates in many summer camps with the foundation.

8. Vlăşan Diana: She is a student in the last year at college “Mihai Eminescu” and a member of the “Sacro Cuore” Foundation since 2016. She is a volunteer in many activities concerning the children from low- income families. She helps them with homework and integration in school life. She participates at many summer camps with the foundation.

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