Mobility in Romania, Farcasa

During the LTT „ Childhood-the innocence of Europe” in Farcasa students will become aware of the different sides of the same story and understand how children see life and adapt to a new situation.The activities will focus on children whose parents work in different regions or countries, children who are raised by their grandparents or relatives due to different situations.
We will invite specialists, psychologists and social workers for discussions and debates which will help us to have a deep look at psychological character features.Students will learn that every child has a story of his/her own that is not always shown to the others. They will also learn about different ways of life – different from their own, but still full of hopes and dreams. As a result of the activities, they will apply the tolerance and acceptance in their lives.
There will be visits to interesting places related to the topic.The learning activity involves different subjects: history, geography team work, identifying problems, finding solutions to the problems, foreign language, ICT. It also implies the development of a large choice of basic skills, such as working in groups, literacy, foreign language,cultural awareness and public speaking.

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