LTT “Explore, Inspire, Animate” in Kraśnik

During the LTT Explore, Inspire, Animate in Poland students are going to get familiar with the famous writers/ authors and the most known and interesting books from each participating country and go through various stages of workshops that will help them to create their own booktrailer story.

In the stop -animation workshop they are going to use a cut-out and cartoon technique with the aim to create an animated film based on one book. There will be also study visits to local sights representing the plot and characters of the books and meeting with the children’s book writer Lusia Oginska.

The learning activity involves different subjects such as history, geography, ICT, foreign language and requires creativity, working in a team, critical thinking and problem solving. The active involvement of the young people in interactive workshops and practical classes implies the development of key competences such as literacy, multilingual, digital and cultural awareness.

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