Spain staff training

Description of the Lectures and Workshops in Spain, Pedreguer (Teachers training courses)

Teachers from different countries were working together to learn some skills, needed to create the storytelling and book trailers.

Type of the activity Description of the activities and workshops
Lecture about  Alicante Historian, Juan Ramon Such Moya, explained the history of Alicante through its monuments. He focused on the castle of Santa Barbara and the cathedral of San Nicolás. We also learned legends related to these monuments.
1st workshop: activities with students: literary dialogic Reading.   Cristòfol Bisquert, in collaboration with professors Rocío Gómez and Nuria Siscar, prepared a dialogical reading of the story A death of Lully by Huxley. This story tells the life and death of Ramon Llull. With this reading, we can see the fascination of a famous American writer by a medieval author who wrote in Catalan.
The activity was carried out by high school students and they  talked about issues such as gender violence, the fragility of beauty.
Literary dialogic reading is one of the methodological proposals of the project.
2nd workshop: activities with students: interactive group in class of maths. Mathematics teachers, Ana Sastre and Aquilino Zafra, prepared two interactive lessons with 4th ESO groups (16 years-old students). The teaching staff participated as volunteers. With this practice, it was attempted and it was possible to show and present the project to the students of this level as well as present a didactic proposal that is done in the center and that is being successful. Keep in mind that the interactive groups are mentioned in the project.
1st work session. Coordinators meeting.   Coordinator Lineta Dargienė presented the project’s implementation, dissemination, and outcomes. During the working session, the objectives of the project were presented. Partners were talking about what results must be achieved during the project; discussing how the planned activities are going to lead to the achievement of the project objectives. The discussion was necessary because half of the partners were new members in the project and they need to acquire new skills for the project implementation and management. A very important part of the discussion was the distribution of the tasks and responsibilities among the partners.
2nd teacher’s meeting. During this meeting, the dates of the future mobilities were arranged. Partners were reminded of the deadlines for all outcomes – the book trailers, video presentations, reports etc. The coordinator told partners how to create the project quality assessment charts.
3rd workshop: Dimitris Apostolou about the creating booktrailers Dimitris Apostolou showed his previous projects about creating the video trailers outcomes. He shared his opinion and suggested some things that could help partners in order to create book trailers. He presented some apps and programs that could help students in the creation process.
4th workshop: Cristofol  Bisquert experience in KA1 courses. Cristòfol Bisquert explained his experience in Malta in his formative activity included in the KA1 project carried out during 2016-2017 academic year. The activity was the course Digtal Storytelling as Easy 1-2-3. Through this course, he learned technical aspects and digital writing to bring to the teaching practice. With this workshop, he shared the acquired knowledge.

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