Learning, teaching and training activities in Greece

During the exchange visit to partner school in Greece (December 2018) students discovered the benefits of reading and using multimedia techniques to create booktrailers- worksheets, interactive tutorials on filming and the importance of both traditional books and modern ICT in their daily lives. There were educational visits to local sights that have a mythological background. The students got to know various Greek myths and got familiar with the way humans and gods are depicted in them. Specialists on mythology, history and archaeology gave lectures, clarify notions and answer questions. Students had the opportunity to create/film a draft of their favorite myth, based on the knowledge they have gained throughout their experience during the exchange visit in Greece. In terms of a more active lifestyle, students were encouraged to get closer to nature, discovering the benefits of rejecting a “couch potato” way of living, in favor of increasing their physical activity, creating perhaps their booktrailers in nature.

The course contents promote new approaches in teaching in order to achieve greater results from the students in terms of competencies. The book trailer promotes creative thinking and media literacy. It offers students a real authentic task because it offers the unity of the learning path (involving knowledge and skills at the same time). The realization of film and multimedia products, accompanied by their working process, enables the dissemination and the sharing of innovative teaching practices.

The learning activity involved different subjects: history, ICT, identifying problems, finding solutions to the problems, foreign language, making presentations. It also implies the development of a large choice of basic skills, such as working in groups, literacy, foreign language, public speaking, filming.

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